CNC Lathes provides better consistency and accuracy

The NF Engineering team use the latest computer numerical-controlled lathing technology to create accurate, reliable products and components.

The conventional lathe machine is manually operated and all movements are done by an operator. These manual steps include changing tools, moving the tool post, adjusting the depth of the cut as well as the feed. Operators need to be highly trained and skilled to assure that each step and part is accurately executed.

Machine uses

Lathe machines are used to create objects by symmetrically rotating a piece of work around an axis. It can perform a range of actions like metal shaping, drilling, wood working, metal spinning, cutting and much more. Lathe machines are also developed in various styles for different speeds and specifications in order to allow operators better control, ease and precision. They are used in a range of industries and industrial applications.

How it works

At NF Engineering, we stay on top of the latest technological advancements and therefore we use CNC lathe machining for production. They come with a number of advantages compared to the traditional lathe. The main benefit is that a manual lathe needs to be operated by a very skilled technician whereas a CNC lathe does not require an operator to be as highly skillful. Once a CNC lathe machine is programmed and set-up, it only needs someone to load raw material, start the machine and monitor the parts that are made.

Operations can also be programmed and saved to be used more than once. Even though CNC lathe manufacturing is controlled by a computer, the technician can still see a visual simulation of how the machine will function during manufacturing. In some ways, CNC lathe machining is less complicated than the conventional lathe, since the computer can move all axes of the machine simultaneously with high precision. NF Engineering’s clients can get more precise products in a faster turnaround and with lower costs.

Machine advantages

Other great advantages of CNC lathe manufacturing are the consistency and accuracy. It’s very hard to manufacture multiple parts that are exactly the same while using a traditional lathe. A CNC lathe machining is the perfect answer whenever exact copies are needed, since it eliminates the issue of making slight variations during production. A CNC lathe follows the exact instructions it’s been programmed for and produces the same parts with extreme accuracy and incredible repeatability every time.

By using CNC lathes machining at NF Engineering we save a lot of time on production runs, especially if you compare it to the time it would take a traditional lathe. Clients that need to create a large number of parts or even have to produce multiple, integrate parts benefit highly from the use of CNC lathes machining. The increased accuracy of the parts being produced by CNC lathe manufacturing means that less material are wasted due to faulty products.