CNC Milling Services

NF Engineering, located in Willetton, Perth, WA, is a recognised leader in the engineering field, with expert experience in CNC machining services to the mining, manufacturing, and resource industries.

CNC milling services

CNC engineering has evolved over the years and now gives us the ability to machine a plethora of different products from stock material for your industry. CNC machines allow us to control machining tools around a varying number of axes; the table and spindle with the specific tool attached, to move across the X (side-to-side), Y (back-and-forth), and Z (vertical) axes automatically via instructions from computer-design programmes. This functionality allows for the creation of many different shapes, slots, and holes with pin-point precision.

We pride ourselves on our milling-engineering services and have a proven track record of producing superb-quality products that are geared towards your specific needs and budget.

The Benefits of Using a CNC Milling Machine

Variety: CNC milling can create an assortment of different parts (including shapes, slots and holes) to suit your specific industry needs.

• Compatibility with advanced design software: CNC machining is one of only two ways (the other being 3D printing) that engineers can machine a physical part from a computer design file. A CNC machine is controlled by a digital instruction language called g-code. Design software allows us to create a 3D model of the part that you require and from there, g-code that gives the machine all the instructions it needs to craft the physical part is generated.

• Production capacity: Productivity levels increase through the use of CNC milling techniques. Therefore, CNC milling is suitable for industries that need large product runs in a timely fashion.

• Variety of stock material is compatible with CNC machines: A CNC mill can machine virtually any material that can be drilled or cut. These materials include different types of metals such as aluminium, steel, and titanium – but even plastic can be machined.

Custom CNC milling: CNC machines are available in 2.5-axis, 3-axis, and 5-axis iterations; the latter also allows the milling tool to move across the X, Y, and Z axes but also includes two extra rotational axes, letting it move diagonally. Owing to this functionality, we’re therefore able to customise parts that are specific to your industry.

CNC turning is another service that we offer. The difference between turning and milling is that turning requires the work-piece to rotate while the cutting tool moves over it in a linear motion, whereas milling uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool. CNC gives us the functionality to programme all the necessary instructions to complete the required part.

Our CNC milling services are conducted by professional, high-skilled craftsman who will provide you with the peace of mind that we meet your exact project specifications.

We are a reputable CNC milling company and should you have any queries about our CNC milling and turning services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in your details on our web form and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us on (08) 9354 8171, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will gladly assist you.