CNC Machining Services in Perth – Western Australia

The skilled team at NF Engineering delivers a range of tooling, machining and manufacturing services. Catering mainly to the industrial and commercial sectors, we carry out projects across the state. All work is completed quickly and cost-effectively, with an emphasis on client satisfaction.

General & Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering Services in Perth
Machining good parts and components every time comes natural to us because: ● We are engineers who know our way around our machine shop, ● We speak both machine shop floor and design, ● We understand GD&T, ensuring that you are guaranteed that your part or component will conform to the expected precision and tolerances, ● Delivering constructive input regarding materials and efficiency is part of the service, ● We always honestly communicate our machine shop capabilities honestly, ● We have up to date CAD / CAM CNC milling, turning and lathe capabilities to tackle almost any engineering problem. If you own parts or components that fail to conform to drawing specs, breaks down frequently, or you currently use a machine shop that cannot maintain expectations and time... Find Out More

CNC Lathe Machining

CNC Lathe Machining
Not every machine outlet in Perth can design and fabricate the crucial parts that make your concept work or keep your production line running. NF Engineering ensures a team of experienced CNC machine operators, CAD designers and Engineers who will treat your project with the same importance that you attach to it. For a free consultation regarding your urgent part/component requirement or to discuss a concept that you want to develop, give us a call today. NF Engineering performs CNC Lathe Machining to produce: Parts and components used in existing production environments such as mining, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive repairs and restoration, agricultural machinery repairs, customisation and maintenance. Concept prototypes. Test product viability. Once-off parts... Find Out More


The NF Engineering team use the latest computer numerical-controlled milling technology to create accurate, reliable products and components. Projects can be tailored to any deadline or budget, carried out with a complete client focus. Find Out More

3D Cad Cam Services

3D Cad Cam Services in Perth, Western Australia
Prototyping and modelling with 3D CAD / CAM Don't be bogged down by delays while you are missing a critical component for your production line, workshop, mining equipment or farm when NF Engineering can help you! We use 3D CAD Software to quickly and accurately model the components for a variety of projects or parts. We transform complex designs into 3D Models that are ready for prototyping or production, depending on what stage you are in. We have the experience to guide you from your initial concept idea, all the way to actual fabrication right here in the fabrication shop in Perth. 3D Digital renders We create realistic 3D Digital renders derived from your sketches or technical drawings. From this, you can preview your models look and feel along with the interaction other parts or... Find Out More