Precision Engineering Services in Perth

Machining good parts and components every time comes natural to us because:

● We are engineers who know our way around our machine shop,
● We speak both machine shop floor and design,
● We understand GD&T, ensuring that you are guaranteed that your part or component will conform to the expected precision and tolerances,
● Delivering constructive input regarding materials and efficiency is part of the service,
● We always honestly communicate our machine shop capabilities honestly,
● We have up to date CAD / CAM CNC milling, turning and lathe capabilities to tackle almost any engineering problem.

If you own parts or components that fail to conform to drawing specs, breaks down frequently, or you currently use a machine shop that cannot maintain expectations and timelines, then it’s time to switch over to NF Engineering.

Process Improvement

Besides producing parts and components to specifications, we also work with clients that are looking to expand their business or become more efficient to improve their manufacturing and industrial processes.

Our CAD Specialists can model an existing system and suggest improvements through reverse engineering. By measuring accuracy at every stage, we can handle projects of any size.

We work with engineers, designers, makers, innovators construction professionals, and tradesmen to deliver custom parts; parts machined to OEM specs and replacement parts in industries as diverse as:

• Marine shipbuilding and equipment parts
• Mining Equipment and Vehicles
• Automotive parts and components
• Industrial manufacturing
• Agricultural Machinery
• Power Generation and distribution
• Construction equipment custom fabrication and parts
• Complex architectural designs and features

Don’t wager your company’s reputation and the safety of your workers on poorly made parts and components.

Whether you need a solution that requires milling, turning or lathe work to keep your production line running, realise your novel idea, or get a custom part for your restoration project, give NF Engineering a call for a free consultation today.