General & Precision Engineering Services in Perth

General and precision engineering are at the core of the services we offer at NF Engineering. Any manufacturing or product design professional knows that CNC machining can become an extremely costly expense when mistakes are made, costing companies a lot of money and time. Understanding these concerns and going beyond the call of duty ensures total professionalism, accuracy and fast turnaround times from NF Engineering. These efficient solutions have made us one of Perth’s most trusted names in precision engineering.

NF Engineering is your partner in CNC machining in Perth. We’re engineers, so we understand that precision and consistency are non-negotiable. We’ve forged lasting relationships with our clients by offering a service that can be relied on, even in a pinch.

If you’re a product designer or manufacturing professional, CNC machining will require no introduction, but for the uninitiated, let’s examine what CNC machining actually is:

CNC stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’. CNC may be used to control a wide variety of machinery, including mills, lathes and plasma cutters. Regardless of what machinery it controls, CNC allows us to machine parts with far more accuracy and consistency than would be possible by hand. CNC machining requires various highly specialised skills and experience, all of which we proudly have in-house at NF Engineering.

The first step is using specialised computer programs to create a 3D model of the item you want machined. This is called CAD, or Computer Assisted Design. Our experienced designer will use your existing render, or create one for you based on your plans and requirements. The design is then fully verified on CAD CAM and all cutting paths are checked before it goes to the machine.

After a verification the material is loaded into the machine, which then starts cutting, drilling or milling the material into the required shape.

Don’t make the mistake of trusting your time-sensitive engineering projects with inexperienced, ill-equipped engineering services. When you deal with NF Engineering, you can rest assured that right from the design stage through to reproduction your project will be executed by trained and highly experienced professionals.

Our equipment is meticulously maintained to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, and our dedication to exceptional client service will ensure that you’re always informed of progress and ETA on your vital jobs.

Go to the experts you can trust for general and precision engineering in Perth. Contact NF Engineering today.