General & Precision Engineering Services in Perth

General and precision engineering are at the core of the services we offer at NF Engineering. Any manufacturing or product design professional knows that CNC machining can become an extremely costly expense when mistakes are made, costing companies a lot of money and time. Understanding these concerns and going beyond the call of duty ensures total professionalism, accuracy and fast turnaround times from NF Engineering. These efficient solutions have made us one of Perth’s most trusted names i... Find Out More

CNC Lathes provides better consistency and accuracy

The NF Engineering team use the latest computer numerical-controlled lathing technology to create accurate, reliable products and components.The conventional lathe machine is manually operated and all movements are done by an operator. These manual steps include changing tools, moving the tool post, adjusting the depth of the cut as well as the feed. Operators need to be highly trained and skilled to assure that each step and part is accurately executed.Machine usesLathe machines are... Find Out More


The NF Engineering team use the latest computer numerical-controlled milling technology to create accurate, reliable products and components. Projects can be tailored to any deadline or budget, carried out with a complete client focus. Find Out More

3D Cad Cam Services in Perth, Western Australia

3D Computer-Aided Design Services in Perth Just like every aspect of modern life, computers have become absolutely vital tools in the product design process. Indeed, it is now possible to design and test an idea, using CAD and CAM software to identify design flaws and manufacturing challenges, as well as find solutions, all entirely in the digital realm.The days of physically manufacturing countless iterations of a design have been relegated to the past by 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) sof... Find Out More

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